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FinchNode - class

Namespace: Finch


Instance of the Finch nodes.


Modificator Type Name Description
readonly FinchChirality Chirality Node chirality (e.g. left or right controller)
readonly FinchBone Bone Bone corresponding this node
readonly FinchNodeType NodeType Finch node type (physical device)


Modificator Return type Name Arguments Description
- UnityEngine.Quaternion GetRotation - Returns FPose node rotation
- UnityEngine.Quaternion GetRotation bool tPose Returns node rotation: TPose or FPose
- UnityEngine.Vector3 GetPosition - Returns node posistion
- UnityEngine.Vector3 GetGyro - Returns gyroscope value in controller local coordinate system in degrees/sec
- UnityEngine.Vector3 GetAccel - Returns accelerometer value in controller local coordinate system in m/s^2
- bool IsConnected - Returns nodes connection state. True, if hand node have state FinchNodesStateType.Connected
- ushort GetBatteryCharge - Nodes batteries charge value of physical device (percents)
- void HapticPulse uint millisecond Sends vibration signal to the node. There will be vibration in certain milliseconds time, but not more than 2500 ms
- void HapticPulse params VibrationPackage[] millisecond Sends instructions pack for vibration engine to the node. Every next instruction will be work after previous one end
static FinchNode GetNode FinchNodeType type Returns FinchNode of specified type
static void CalibrateControllers - Calibrates controllers. Sends 50 ms vibration signal to the both controllers
static void CalibrateControllers uint vibrationTime Calibrates controllers. Sends vibration signal to the both controllers
static void SwapNodes FinchNodeType firstNode, FinchNodeType secondNode Swap nodes between each other. It is strongly not recommended to use this function by yourself