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FinchControllerElement - enumeration

Namespace: Finch


Describes elements of a controller (button, touchpad or trigger).


Name Value Description
ButtonOne 0 ButtonOne element
ButtonTwo 1 ButtonTwo element
ButtonThree 2 ButtonThree element
ButtonFour 3 ButtonFour element
IndexTrigger 4 IndexTrigger element with value above DeadZone
ButtonGrip 5 ButtonGrip element
ButtonZero 7 ButtonZero element
ButtonThumb 9 ButtonThumb element (button under touchpad or button under stick depending on controller model)
Touchpad 15 Touchpad element touch
Last 16 Value after last significant value in enumeration
Unknown 16 Last and all next values are Unknown

Dash Aliases

Name Value Description
DashAppButton 0 Dash application button. Equal to ButtonOne
DashVolumeDown 1 Dash volume down button. Equal to ButtonTwo
DashVolumeUp 2 Dash volume up button. Equal to ButtonThree
DashHomeButton 7 Dash home button. Equal to ButtonZero
CalibrationButton 7 Calibration button. Equal to ButtonZero

Shift Aliases

Name Value Description
ShiftInsideButton 0 Shift inner button. Equal to ButtonOne
ShiftOutsideButton 1 Shift outer button. Equal to ButtonTwo
CalibrationButton 7 Calibration button. Equal to ButtonZero