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Current documentation is both for Finch 3DOF (Finch Dash) and Finch 6DOF (Finch Shift) controllers. Of course, there are differences between these two controllers, but you can use one SDK for both types of the controller. You need only change few settings. That means, you can easily switch between 3DOF and 6DOF and, for example, test 3DOF controllers if you have 6DOF by changing only one setting.

3DOF controller (Finch Dash)

Finch Dash is a 3-DOF Motion Controller for Mobile VR. It works with any smartphones and VR headsets.

Finch Dash provides:

6DOF controller (Finch Shift)

Finch Shift is a 6DOF Bluetooth controller made for VR.

More general information about controller can be found here.

Finch Documentation

You can read about supported platforms and requirements in section Platforms.

You can read technical information about the Finch controller in Controller section of current documentation. There is information about buttons, light signals and also specifications and tips for developers.

There are many similar settings in any API, read how to configure Finch for your purposes in Settings section.

Information about how to calibrate and recenter your controller can be found in section Calibration and recenter.

Don't forget to read the Guidelines section, there is a lot of important and interesting information that will make using your application and the Finch controller easy and comfortable for the user.


Here are the following APIs and SDK for Finch controller: