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FinchController - class

Namespace: Finch


Allows to use Finch controller API.


Modificator Type Name Description
static readonly FinchChirality Chirality Controller chirality (e.g. left or right controller)
static readonly FinchBone Bone Bone corresponding this controller. By default, FinchBone.LeftHandCenter or FinchBone.RightHandCenter
static readonly FinchNodeType NodeType Controller node


Return type Name Arguments Description
bool IsHandNodeConnected - Returns true, if hand node have state FinchNodesStateType.Connected
bool GetPress FinchControllerElement element Element was pressed
bool GetPressDown FinchControllerElement element Element has just been pressed
bool GetPressUp FinchControllerElement element Element has just been unpressed
float GetIndexTrigger - Returns IndexTrigger value
float GetMiddleTrigger - Returns MiddleTrigger value
UnityEngine.Vector2 GetTouchAxes - Returns touchpos coordinates
bool IsTouching - Returns true, if touchpad element is touched, otherwise false
UnityEngine.Quaternion GetRotation - Returns controller rotation
UnityEngine.Vector3 GetPosition - Returns controller posistion
UnityEngine.Vector3 GetGyro - Returns gyroscope value in local coordinate system
UnityEngine.Vector3 GetAccel - Returns accelerometer value in local coordinate system
void Calibrate - Calibrates arm with controller chirality
void Recenter - Recenters arm with controller chirality
void HapticPulse uint millisecond Sends vibration signal to the controller node. There will be vibration in certain milliseconds time, but not more than 2500 ms
void HapticPulse params VibrationPackage[] millisecond Sends instructions pack for vibration engine to the controller node. Every next instruction will be work after previous one end