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Best way to make applications for Finch controller

There are few rules of making good application for Finch controller, both 3DOF and 6DOF. This rules are simple and allow user of your application to have best experience from it and does not feel uncomforted.

Calibration first

Remember that you should explain to users of your application that they should calibrate their controllers first. If controller was not calibrated, then movements of hands in virtual reality does not correspond user's hand movements. We recommend you to launch calibration process before main menu or any actions user have to make by moving the controller. You can read more general information about calibration process in Calibration and Recenter section. Also, you better add possibility to repeat calibration process. Make sure that users know that they can repeat calibration if movements don't correspond.

There are specified functions for calibration in every SDK, you can read about it in API reference of selected SDK.

In Finch Unity SDK you can find ready calibration scene that you can simply use as the first scene of your project.

Calibration during the game

Inform user that he is able to calibrate during the game if there are some problems with movements of the controllers in the application. One of the way to inform user - write about it right after the first calibration (read previous advice). Or, if you use Finch Unity SDK, you can simply use ready scene.

Battery charge

If your application is a big and continuous game - good decision is to show user charge of the batteries or warn him that battery is running out. There are three simple ways to do that:

  1. Show the charge or the warning near the instance of the controller in virtual space.
  2. Show it in main menu.
  3. Does not show percentage constantly, but show only warnings that buttery is running out.

Tips and tutorials during the game

This is a very general advice, but very important. Don't forget to lead your user through your game - tips, tutorials, anything that will help him to understand what he could do in a current step of application. It applies not only to calibration process as was written above, but the game itself.

Visibility of the controller instance on the scene

Virtual instances of the controllers are the most important part of the application for Finch controllers. This is how the user will interact with your application. In most cases, the user should see the movements of his hands, no matter which way of visualization you have choose. Make sure, that instance of the controller looks contrasty to the environment of the scene.