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Light Indicators

The LED indicator informs you about the state of the controller. Below are listed states of the indicator and associated states of the controller:

Charging the devices

Charge your device following steps below:

  1. Don't turn device on or turn it off if it's turned on
  2. Connect Finch to the USB-microUSB cable for charging, and connect the cable via the USB port to the computer (we recommend USB 3.0) or another 5 Volts (maximum 0.5 Amp) power source.
  3. The device will start charging if it is connected correctly
  4. After 40-50 minutes after the device has charged, disconnect the charging cable from the device. The device is ready for use

Turning the devices On, Off and Pairing

Turning the devices On and Off

  1. To turn On the device press the Home button shortly. Read more about light indicaition in "Light Indicators" section above
  2. To turn the device Off hold the Home button for 5 seconds

Pairing Follow these steps to pair the controller:

  1. Turn the controller on. If you felt short vibration and indicator is blinking blue - it means, that controller is ready for pairing.
  2. Find the controller in the list of the Bluetooth devices on smartphone or PC. Note that controller should be within 110 cm from smartphone or bluetooth reciever of PC.
  3. Pair the controller to the smartphone or PC

Of course you will need to unpair controller from smartphone or PC. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Place the contoller further than 110cm away from any device with activated Bluetooth and from device the controller is paired to.
  2. Turn the controller off and then turn it on - the controller won't find any suitable devices to pair and will be switched to search mode. You will feel short vibration and light indicator will start blinking.

If your controller is paired to more than one smartphone or PC, then when you turn it on, it will be paired to the device that is closer than others.

To pair the controller to another device if it is already paired to something, you can simply turn off Bluetooth or unpair the controller on first device and pair with the next device. Finch controller will be swithed to search mode and you will be able to connect to your device with turned on Bluetooth.

3DOF (Finch Dash) controls

6DOF (Finch Shift) controls

Another elements you can find on Finch Shift controller: