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Calibration is necessary step to make your controllers work properly. We recommend you to calibrate on every application launch and for every person.

You might need to recenter or recalibrate in following situations:

You can calibrate at any time.

3DOF (Finch Dash) calibration

Calibration of 3DOF controller very simple:

  1. Point the controller forward
  2. Press the Home button for a few seconds

6DOF (Finch Shift) calibration

  1. Put your hands forward and straight, hands should be together. There are few rules to make your calibration effective:

  2. Controllers should be connected by the magnets (hands together)

  3. Arms should be straight, witohut bend at the elbow joint
  4. Arms should be parallel to the floor
  5. Arms sohuld be on one level with each other

  6. Press home button on both controllers at the same time.

  7. Check if virtual arms moving properly
  8. If not, make sure that you put on controllers correctly and all conditions above are met